Monstera Maven was created to bring the beauty and serenity of plants to your indoor space. With a personal love for plants and the spaces they fill, Monstera Maven can help you cultivate the perfect interior that brings people to your space and create new opportunities for growth.

Katie is fantastic and her services were superb. She takes the time to familiarize herself with the space and the client’s vision. She also provides various options to accommodate project budgets. I am excited to work with Katie again.
— Lovelyn Razzouk La Sierra University
Katie’s deep knowledge of and passion for plants very quickly becomes evident to anyone who knows her. In addition to her dedication to ensuring that plants are properly taken care of, Katie is very
organized, detail-oriented, and responsible.
— Charlene Tsay
Having now worked with her on countless plant- and design-related projects, her deep understanding of plants, complemented by her keen eye for art and design, make for a fine plantscape designer. I have witnessed Katie transform dismal rooms into vivacious living, working, and entertaining spaces.
— Emmanuel Soriano