Interior Plant Design
All consultations are provided at no cost and are designed to understand your environment and decide which plants fit the lighting, humidity, and temperature of your space, while also considering your budget, and any other preferences. After the initial meeting, a customized quote will be provided that includes the recommended species and placement that will compliment your unique interior.

All aspects of the installation including the delivery of all plants and materials, securing the plants in their selected containers, and protecting the flooring from from causing any water damage. Installation is scheduled at a time that will prevent any interruption to your day.

Monstera Maven believes in providing services with attention to detail to ensure quality plants in your space. With a Care Contract, you can rest easy that your plants will be properly maintained and meet high standards to keep your investment looking picture perfect and healthy. Care Contracts are provided on a weekly and monthly bases. Weekly services include watering, pruning, and pest prevention. Monthly services are included with each contract and ensure that all plants are properly fertilized and pH balances are managed to promote healthy growth.